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Trick Or Treat: Se7en

Oh my god, they’re back again. Back to fright you. Back to shock you. Yes, the seventh Trick Or Treat is here. Now with as many installments as the Saw franchise (and in as many years!) Trick or Treat is truly a Halloween tradition. Watch the entire Trick or Treat franchise.

Trick or Treat 666

With the Saw movies showing no signs of returning to theaters, we here at 5A Films wanted to make sure that we provided you with a Halloween tradition you can count on. Trick or Treat 666 is everything you have come to expect from 5A Films and the Trick or Treat franchise.

Happy Halloween!

Trick Or Treat 5: The Awakening

What, you thought we would miss a year? It wouldn’t be a true Halloween without a good ole fashioned Trick Or Treat video! So here is our 5th installment. Bryan flew out to LA today just to shoot it, so give it a watch.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from 5A Films! This year, we present another installment in our series of Trick or Treat films. So, be prepared for the scariest version yet with TRICK or TRE4T!!!

Unemployed Sidekick - Episode 3: The Clown

5A Films has been working on this webseries for the past few months and the day has finally come to unveil our product. We call it, Unemployed Sidekick.

The first 3 episodes are available today for your viewing pleasure. It really gives you a sense of what this series is.  We’ve embedded episode 3 above, but you can watch episode 1 and episode 2.

I hope you enjoy it.

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triTrick Or Treat 3D, October 31, 2009

Once again it is Halloween, which can only mean one thing, 5A Films is back with another Halloween special! This time we bring you a 3D spooktacular!!! Get your 3D glasses* ready for a special scary surprise, don’t worry we’ll tell you when to put them on.

And feel free to frighten yourself some more and revisit Part 1 and Part 2!

Happy Halloween from Bryan, Creighton, and Matt of 5A Films!!!

(Also scary without 3D glasses so feel free to watch with or without the 3D glasses)

The website Used Wigs shows 5A Films some love in there Daily Distractions section. Take a look!

I Date Dead People, August 18, 2009.

In August of 1999 the movie The Sixth Sense was released. 10 years later, 5A Films decided to find out what Cole Sear was up to now that he’s all grown up.

Starring Paul Briganti, written by Bryan O’Connell and Matthew Pollock, directed by Bryan O’Connell, shot by Creighton Desimone, and edited by Matthew Pollock!

Red Shirt, May 11, 2009.

Hot off the heels of the new Star Trek movie, Captain Kirk (Josh Ruben) and Mr.Spock (David Futernick) enlist the aid of the Enterprise’s “space residue custodian” Malone (James O’Connell) to go on a dangerous space mission.

Directed and edited by Bryan from a story by him and Matthew Pollock, and shot by Creighton Desimone.

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My Favorite SciFi Movie (Star Trek vs. Star Wars), May 13, 2009.

Based on an idea by Bryan, Matt finalized the script and edited this together for Collegehumor.com. The video blew up on Digg and has gained over 700,000 views!